Beautiful Vintage Hand Crafted Tibetan style Horse Head Wall Hanging ॐ

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Authentic vintage beautifully hand crafted and painted statue, 40+ years old, originating from Himalayan region when Tibetans settled many generations in the past taking their culture with them. The original paintwork still in great shape, could maybe benefit from a clean but will leave that up to its onward owner. We have only see one other like this with a very less attractive original paint job.

Hard Wood 2.8 kg – Width = 23 cm Height = 45 cm.. an authentic historical folk art item stamped by Nepali authorities accepted for export.

Himalayan artefacts like this are offered to Cultural Roots for resale by trusted close connections in Nepal, strict honourable fair trade is upheld by all parties, all pieces are carefully shipped to the UK before there onward journey. Quite often very little is known about the origin these old and vintage pieces as they often pass through many hands before reaching us in the UK. Many artefacts have also been used in celebrations, ceremony’s, used in connection with prayer or meditation and sometimes even in shamanic practices, Cultural Roots takes steps to cleanse all artefacts as they come into our domain.

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Please feel free to ask any additional questions regarding our range of vintage Nepalese masks or other products.

It is our aim at Cultural Roots to connect independent traders, manufacturers, tradesmen and artists with western market places and the more conscious consumer. We explore the world in search of cultural and alternative quality arts, crafts, clothes, home decorations and many more exciting products consistent only with ethical production. Striving to work with indigenous villages and individual artists on the street as well as much needed local businesses, Cultural Roots builds real links in parts of the world where authentic representation of traditions and fair trade are often sadly overlooked.ॐ

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