Chakra Tuned Singing Bowls

The seven Chakras are arranged along the spinal cord, from top to bottom: 1. Sahasrara, 2. Ajna, 3. Vishuddhi, 4. Anahata, 5. Nabhi-Manipura, 6. Svadhisthana, 7. Muladhara

Our singing bowls are delicately tuned to one or more Chakra frequencies. This enables powerful vibrations generated by the singing bowl to work directly with the focused Chakra. Keeping the Chakras aligned and without blockages guides the body and mind towards good health and spiritual enlightenment.

Chakras are a concept found particularly in the tantric traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. They are conceived of as an energy focal point in the subtle body. The Chakras are an elaborate part of the Kundalini system.

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Cultural Roots – Singing Bowls and Gongs