Five Dhyani Buddhas

Five Dhyani Buddha Singing Bowls
The following bowls come with the 5 Dhyani Buddha design.

In Vajrayana Buddhism, the Five Buddhas are emanations and representations of the five qualities of the Adi-Buddha or “first Buddha” Vairocana or Vajradhara, which is associated with Dharmakaya.

They are also sometimes called the “dhyani-buddhas”, a term first recorded in English by the British Resident in Nepal, Brian Hodgson in the early 19th century, and is unattested in any surviving traditional primary sources. These five Buddhas are a common subject of Vajrayana mandalas.

These five Buddhas feature prominently in various Buddhist Tantras and are the primary object of realization and meditation in Shingon Buddhism, a school of Vajarayana Buddhism founded in Japan by Kūkai.

The Five Buddhas are aspects of the dharmakaya “dharma-body”, which embodies the principle of enlightenment in Buddhism.

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