Tibetan Thangka Art

Cultural roots is honoured to represent and assist the traditional Thangka art school in Kathmandu by offering affordable original paintings worked on for many, many days by both masters in Tibet and students of different levels.

We sell original pieces painted by Tibetan Thangka masters(Lama) and students, The Lama train for a minimum of 15 years under masters before them learning the skill, philosophy and wisdom behind Thangka art practices, only then after 15 years and if they prosper in their skill do they reach titled lama status. It is strictly forbidden to sign thangka art until lama status is reached.

Traditionally, thangka paintings are not only valued for their aesthetic beauty, but primarily for their use as aids in meditation practices. Practitioners use thangkas to develop a clear visualisation of a particular deity, strengthening their concentration, and forging a link between themselves and the deity. Historically,  thangkas were also used as teaching tools to convey the lives of various masters. A teacher or lama would travel around giving talks on dharma, carrying with him large thangka scrolls to illustrate his stories.

It is our aim at Cultural Roots to connect independent traders, manufacturers, tradesmen and artists with western market places and the more conscious consumer. We explore the world in search of cultural and alternative quality arts, crafts, clothes, home decorations and many more exciting products consistent only with ethical production. Striving to work with indigenous villages and individual artists on the street as well as much needed local businesses, Cultural Roots builds real links in parts of the world where authentic representation of traditions and fair trade are often sadly overlooked.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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