Sound Craft Singing Bowls

Cultural Roots are proud to present our authentic fully hand made 7 metal SOUND CRAFT singing bowls. With a guaranteed full Alloy mix of Copper, Tin, Iron, Zinc, Lead, Silver & Gold combined with a top class finish these bowls meet the consistency of singing bowl Cultural Roots are confident to promote. These bowls consistently offer long lasting resonance and overtones, sound quality unquestionably guaranteed for both sound therapy and healing practitioners as well as for personal use with meditation, balancing techniques and working with crystals.

Each bowl normally has one predominant working frequency which will on careful testing reveal its self 70 to 90 percent on use and will be its advertised frequency but on occasion these bowls will share a predominant frequency for example maybe 45/45 or 50/40 percent, in this case 2 frequencies will be advertised. All our Sound Craft bowls are unique, each on variation techniques of play and tools used will produce alternative frequencies which make up the remaining percentages of sound.

Cultural Roots supplies all Sound Craft Bowls with a company certificate which states bowl range, size, weight, predominant frequency, date of sale and year of manufacture.

We are also happy to supply sound sample videos for these and other ranges of singing bowls.

Our Sound Craft range are constructed with great care in Nepal at our Himalayan foundry and workshop complex in the most ethical working environment. The Sound Craft range start at 8″ and can on request go well over 20″ to meet our customers frequency and size needs. Regular constant communication with competent staff and regular trips to the Nepali singing bowl fabrication site we can personally assist customers requests with the Sound Craft and Therapy Special ranges. Sound Craft bowls of 8″ come with a chunky wand as pictured, 9″ and above come complete with a chunky wand and felt finished mallet as pictured. Alternative colour silk cushions to those pictured can be exchanged on request.

Please feel free to ask for any additional information. We are more than happy to assist with bowl selection to meet our customers requirements. Please also check other listings for a larger range of singing bowls.

Cultural Roots takes its position as a distributor of Singing Bowls and other sacred healing devices very seriously. We work with sound therapy ourselves and with other sound therapists. We go to great lengths to accurately sell our bowls, each with their general working frequency and closest note. Each bowl sold is energised with healing intent before it leaves us on its journey. They are packaged with great care and positive intention to avoid damage during shipping and to find its destined owner with complete wellness. We are by far the biggest importers of Nepalese singing bowls into the UK. As well as conducting an honourable service we offer the most competitive selling rates. We can supply any variation of singing bowl required to our customers so feel free to approach us for options. Cultural Roots takes great pride in being a part of our customers singing bowl journey offering advice and supplying bowls for beginners to meeting the requirements of advanced sound therapy practitioners.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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Cultural Roots – Singing Bowls and Gongs