Traditional Hand Made Carved Singing Bowls – Made in Nepal ॐ

Our Hand Made and carved range of bowls come direct from the Himalayan work shops where they are hand beaten by expert craftsmen to their completed shape then finely carved with traditional symbolism.

Each one of these singing bowls is unique, each plays differently, most will produce multiple notes and frequencies and long lasting overtones depending on how they played. Each bowl is individually checked for standard and predominant frequency ranges.

A bowl of this size and nature can be used in many ways including as suggested by the carved design standing barefoot inside and struck to the outside making a powerful wave of frequencies that wash over the body.

This bowl will be supplied with a mallet and extra large chunky wand and will be securely shipped to any worldwide destination in a wooden crate.

Cultural Roots takes its position as a distributor of Singing Bowls and other sacred healing devices very seriously. We work with sound therapy ourselves and with other sound therapists. We go to great lengths to accurately sell our bowls, each with their general closest note and energy field location and in many examples frequency correlation. Each bowl sold is energised with healing intent before it leaves us on its journey. It is packaged with great care and positive intention to avoid damage during shipping and to find its destined owner with complete wellness. We are by far the biggest importers of Nepalese singing bowls into the UK. As well as conducting an honourable service we offer the most competitive selling rates. We can supply any variation of singing bowl required to our customers on request so feel free to approach us for options.

Many singing bowls, especially hand made bowls, play two or more frequencies. One frequency is heard when the bowl is played in rotation (firmly skimming the wand round the outside opening) and another one when the edge of the bowl is struck (lightly with the wand edge or mallet).

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Cultural Roots – Singing Bowls and Gongs