Carved Bronze Singing Bowls – Made in Nepal ॐ

By far the best sounding and looking of the cast bowls, very easy to use and every piece holds brilliant lasting sound and frequency. Cast in Nepal using a bronze high metal content and then carved with high quality workmanship producing Mantra and symbol designs that bring a stunning look to these bowls as well as their radiating positive intentions and mantra energy fields. These bowls when played in rotation will after a few rotations fire up into beautiful constant frequencies. Each bowl is individually checked for standard and predominant note range consistent with rotational use. Bowls include a wand and a silk cushion base as pictured. Alternative colour cushions can be replaced by request.

Many singing bowls, especially hand made bowls, play two or more frequencies. One frequency is heard when the bowl is played in rotation (firmly skimming the wand round the outside opening) and another one when the edge of the bowl is struck (lightly with the wand edge or mallet).

Please feel free to ask for any additional information. We are more than happy to assist with bowl selection to meet our customers requirements.

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Cultural Roots – Singing Bowls and Gongs