About us

Riding the wave of the universal conscious uprising that is currently emerging across the globe, we at Cultural Roots are a small emerging independent start-up who wish to share our enthusiasm for wholesome and natural life-styles that benefit society as whole as well as us and the people we deal with individually.


By offering only the most ethically of sourced items and services, where we have gone to great lengths to ensure that a fair and equitable principles have been applied across our entire supply chain, we hope to translate our love for holistic living and general well-being into a consumer experience that helps transform the current modes of exchange from the degenerative process that it seems to have become into one suffused with peace and love.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and welcome any questions and queries you may have about any of the products and services we offer.

Hari Om Tat Sat

Mission Statement

Cultural Roots takes its position as a distributor of Singing Bowls and other sacred healing devices very seriously. We work with sound therapy ourselves and with other sound therapists. We go to great lengths to accurately sell our bowls, each with their general closest note and energy field location and in many examples frequency correlation. Each bowl sold is energised with healing intent before it leaves us on its journey. It is packaged with great care and positive intention to avoid damage during shipping and to find its destined owner with complete wellness. We are by far the biggest importers of Nepalese singing bowls into the UK. As well as conducting an honourable service we offer the most competitive selling rates. We can supply any variation of singing bowl required to our customers on request so feel free to approach us for options.

It is our aim at Cultural Roots to connect independent traders, manufacturers, tradesmen and artists with western market places and the more conscious consumer. We explore the world in search of cultural and alternative quality arts, crafts, clothes, home decorations and many more exciting products consistent only with ethical production. Striving to work with indigenous villages and individual artists on the street as well as much needed local businesses, Cultural Roots builds real links in parts of the world where authentic representation of traditions and fair trade are often sadly overlooked.ॐ

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Cultural Roots – Singing Bowls and Gongs